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Tips For Maximizing SEO

Have you run across the term SEO? You probably have if you've ever made a website. One of the most common mistakes people trying to make money on the internet make is not doing the SEO correctly. How can you do it correctly if you do not know what it is? This article will define and give you tips on optimizing for the search engines so you can get the most out of your efforts.

SEO is short for search engine optimization. What it means is you simply optimize your website or blog so the search engines know what your site is about. The reason this is important is quite simple- if the search engines know what your site is about, then they will rank your site in comparison to other sites about the same topic. If your website is properly optimized, then you will get traffic for free from the engines. On the same hand, if it is not properly done, you may never show up in the search results, so your website will never get visited.

What are search engines? They are the places people go to when they want to look something up on the internet. For example, Google is the biggest search engine, Yahoo is huge, Ask … there are virtually thousands of search engines, it really depends on your preference as to which one you use.

So how do you optimize your website for the search engines? When deciding what your website will be about, you should be doing some keyword research to determine what keywords you will be targeting. A keyword is what people search for. For example, if someone wanted to know how to breed dogs, the keyword would be "how to breed dogs" or they may type in "is breeding dogs hard" or something to that nature. When picking keywords, make sure you think about what your readers will be searching for, and optimize for those keywords. The biggest mistake people make is not choosing a proper domain name. A domain name has a huge weight on your websites ranking, because this is seen as one of your keywords. If you have a website about breeding dogs, you would not want your domain name to be "My Dog Breeding Experience .com" (because chances are, no one will ever search for that phrase.) You would want to pick a domain name that people are searching for, and relates to what your website is about.

The next step after picking your domain name, is choosing your title for the page. This is seen as another place you can optimize for your keywords. Same rules apply for the title as the domain. Use keywords people are searching for. Do not use a title such as "My Personal Experience With German Shepherd's" … instead, use a title like "How To Breed German Shepherds".

The next part is the body of the page. Make sure you use your keywords in your article 2-3 times, but do not do it anymore than that. (This rule is not exact- it really depends on the amount of content you have on your page. A good rule of thumb is not to exceed 6-7% keyword density per page. Keyword density is the amount of times your keyword appears on your page as opposed to the amount of words. If you use your keywords too many times on your page, Google (or other's) may see it as keyword stuffing (which is essentially over optimizing) and that is a bad thing. you will not get ranked, so there for you will not get traffic to your site.

The next and final step is to make sure that your description is accurate, but also contains your keywords. Remember when you're writing your description, you want people to know what your site is about, but you also want them to visit your site. When writing your description, this is what the search engines will show in the results- it must be reader friendly (so DO NOT just list keywords- it needs to make sense to the readers, and it needs to portray an accurate description of what your page or site is about.)

Search engine optimization is truly an art, but it is not an art that is not learned. These basic steps will get you started in the world of SEO. There is much to learn about it, but this is a great beginning!

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