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SEO Tips For a Joomla Site

Joomla may not be a great CMS software. I prefer Drupal to Joomla as it is easy to fix SEO issues in a drupal site when compared to a Joomla site. But still I am writing this article as I found many people facing lot of issues while optimizing their Joomla site. The below are few tips for you that can be done to a Joomla site to optimize it better.

The main issue with Joomla CMS is that its default URLs are horrible, its default page title system has issues and it creates duplicate content.

Improve URLs: As I mentioned above, the default Joomla URLs will not be in the way we want. Here is a way to improve them.

A. Turn on "Search Engine Friendly URLs" in the site's Global Configuration menu. Then your url may look like this.


Better, but still worse. The best way is to download and install a plug-in called sh404SEF.

Duplicate Content: The sh404SEF plug-in can fix most of the issues that Joomla creates pointing many URL's at same content. Another thing you can do is turn off the "email icon," "print icon," and "pdf icon" in the Global Configuration menu.

Improving Page Titles: As you know, titles play an important role in SEO. The length of the titles should also be considered. You may want to keep your titles shorter. You can use the plug-in "Custom Page Title". With this plug-in, you can rewrite the titles as you want.

Few more Plug-ins you can use:

Title Manager: Using this plug-in, you can customize the browser titles.

Easy Ping: This plug-in automatically creates a sitemap.xml file with last 100 content. It can ping Google, MSN live, Yahoo and other sites.

JoomSEO: This plug-in makes your content more SEO friendly. It dynamically creates meta descriptions, meta keywords, adds header tags to titles etc ..

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